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In order for your family to be granted residence cards you must be able to demonstrate that you meet the requirements for right of residence in Sweden through work, studies or with sufficient means. EU citi­zens and long-term resi­dents. This is information for residents of an EU country who are moving to Sweden. There is also information for citizens of Nordic countries with family members who are citizens of a country outside the EU and for Swiss citizens.

Move to sweden from eu

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In Sweden: Register for a residence permit card (non-EU citizens without visa only) Citizens of non-EU countries who have a work permit and do not require a visa to enter Sweden will register for a residence permit card at the Migration Agency after entering Sweden. Visit the Swedish Migration Agency for details. 10. Se hela listan på As with everything in the EU, how to move your household items and belongings depends on whether you are moving from within the EU to Sweden, or from outside of the EU. If you are moving from within the EU, you will automatically be exempt from paying any sort of customs tax. You are also not required to present your items to Swedish customs.

As a general rule, foreigners travelling to Sweden from a non-EEA* country will be denied entry and rejected. This will mainly affect travels to Swedish airports and sea ports, since Sweden does not have any land borders to a country which is not part of EEA*.

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Not too far from home, it has the perfect blend of natural beauty and efficiency — things just work in Sweden. Socially, it’s one of the most progressive countries in Europe, but not to the point of being off-putting. Se hela listan på If you move to Sweden and intend to live here for a year or more, you should normally register as a resident at the nearest office of the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). To obtain a unique 10-digit personal identification number, personnummer, you must personally visit the local tax office and complete a form concerning immigration to Sweden.

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Move to sweden from eu

Sweden is close to all other European countries and with ample vacation time and several holidays a year, it’s easy to travel and experience different cultures and environments around the continent, sometimes just for a weekend getaway! Sweden is a part of the EU, which makes traveling to other countries in the EU … If you are an EU national, moving to Sweden is easy. EU residents are allowed to stay in Sweden for an unlimited amount of time. These residency rights are extended to family members as well. The only real paperwork to worry about is registering to obtain a Swedish personal identification number. Thanks for your comments, for subscribing and sharing my video!How it is to live in Sweden Move to Gothenburg is a collaborative initiative that aims to attract and welcome highly skilled internationals, and get them to stay and thrive in the Gothenburg region, West Sweden. The initiative is run within the framework of a regional platform comprising stakeholders from the business community, academia as well as city and region.

Move to sweden from eu

Moving to someone in Sweden (EU citizen or Swedish citizen). You must be either married, registered partner or common-law spouse of someone already living in Sweden, lawfully or planning to marry someone already living in Sweden, lawfully. In this situation you can apply for a Permanent Residence Card. Here is a link to the application. EU/EEA Citizens have to right to enter Sweden and reside in Sweden without accomplishing formalities for a period of three months. If an EU/EEA Citizen wishes to stay longer than that they must have a right of residence in Sweden.
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Move to sweden from eu

About us: I am an Austrian (EU) citizen who had lived and worked in South Africa on… I have moved to Sweden, as a German citizen.

There is also information for citizens of Nordic countries with family members who are citizens of a country outside the EU and for Swiss citizens. Swedish (svenska) Moving to Sweden as an EU citizen To stay in Sweden for more than 3 months as an EU citizen you need to have right of residence. This means that you must be studying, be employed, self-employed or have other means to support yourself.
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In both cases you will have to give security for the duty and tax, for example by a cash deposit. Can I get duty and tax relief for personal belongings I import after my arrival in Sweden? Moving to someone in Sweden Basic information applicable to all countries is available here. In some countries, additional conditions also apply – for more information, select a country from the 'Select Country Here' drop-down list higher up on the page.