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Locutions, idioms and examples. vultum in eodem habitu continuit || ab aliquo (or ab aliqua re) contineo = to keep away from someone or something || iam se male continet || ab aliquo (or ab aliqua re ab aliquo) manus alicuius contineo = to keep someone from getting his hand on someone or something || alvo contineo || castris contineo … contineō, continēre, continuī, contentum (2.) In English: to maintain, to sustain, to contain. In German: zusammenhalten, enthalten. In French: maintenir uni, contenir, renfermer.

Contineo latin

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Verbs. Total Cards. 69. Subject Additional Language - Latin Flashcards contineo, continere, continui, contentum  'Contineo' is a pioneering software platform for implementation and administration of academic autonomy.

contineo: to hold back, restrain. contingo : (contactum) to touch closely, happen to, befall. contine ( Latin) I hold or keep together/close, surround, contain; connect.

Samlade vitterhesarbeten af svenska författare från

13. A Latin Dictionary.

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Contineo latin

contineo in Charlton T. Lewis and Charles Short, A Latin Dictionary, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1879 contineo in Charlton T. Lewis, An Elementary Latin Dictionary , New York: Harper & Brothers, 1891 contineo in Gaffiot, Félix, Dictionnaire illustré Latin-Français , Hachette, 1934 English words for contineo include contain, restrain, keep in, hold, touch, include, grasp, reach, keep together and affect. Find more Latin words at! latin-ancient Debilis mundus, perinde ac homo, cui curam eius commisit Deus, nostrum intellectum percontatur, ut agnoscamus quomodo dirigere, colere et continere nostram potestatem debeamus. A fragile world, entrusted by God to human care, challenges us to devise intelligent ways of directing, developing and limiting our power. APA Referencing: Verbix (2021, Mar 22) Latin verb 'contineo' conjugated. Entries with "contineo" continent : see also Continent, continnent‎ continent (English) Pronunciation (Brit. Eng.) IPA: /ˈkɒntɪnənt/ Pronunciation example: Audio (US) Origin & history I… content : content (English) Origin & history I Borrowing from Latin contentus‎ ("satisfied, content"), past participle of continere‎ ("to hold in The Latin word contineo in English is to hold back, restrain.

Contineo latin

Dizionario Latino Declinatore / Coniugatore Latino Cerca nelle forme flesse. contĭnĕo - Diatesi attiva (contĭnĕo, contĭnes, continui, contentum, contĭnēre) verbo transitivo II coniugazione Vedi la The Latin word contineo in English vocab. To hold back, restrain.
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Contineo latin

av C Forss · 2018 · Citerat av 4 — The original Latin includes grammatical errors that have 177 The noun continens is formed of the present participle of the verb contineo, in the. Continente Latino.

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contineo · continens · incontinentia · continēre · contineri · incontinens · subcontinens · terra​  Kapitel 8. Öva glosor från latin till svenska | Cicero: Oratio prima in Catilinam. contineo -tinui -tentum 2.