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not (musikaliskt nottecken; ton) negates meaning of verb. Translation: No bad thing that doesn't bring something good. English Meaning: One should not make a bad situation even worse by an improper remark. bad.

click for more detailed Chinese translation, meaning , pronunciation and example sentences. Meaning of not bad, Definition of Word not bad in Almaany Online Dictionary, searched domain is category, in the dictionary of English Arabic.

The Good, the Bad, and the Dead: An Essay on Well-Being

"Too bad" can also be an expression meaning "Well it's a shame, it's a pity, it's too bad that this happened!" From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. not too/so bad.

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Not bad meaning

A tasty meal is never just good, it's not bad, or not bad at all. Can always be said as 'ain't bad.'. I'll tell you what, this meal, it's not bad.

Not bad meaning

|@Eliza_1990 @sooshi89 😂😂😂 I say it all the time. I learned it from my family and friends😀 The US is a big Not too bad. A British (rather tactless) way to say 'good'. Q. How are you ? A. Not too bad, thank you, Not tooo badddd. (Means: I'm doing well) Q. How did the project come out?
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Not bad meaning

All of the terms involving bad, which imply that something is less bad than it might be, date from the mid-1700s. The last variant, using shabby in the sense of “inferior,” is slang of the late 1900s. Not bad definition: passable ; fair ; fairly good | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples not bad When a man, specifically a Greek man is eating a home cooked meal and says " Not bad." What he really means is that the meal is to his liking and he is satisfied. "How is the lasagna Doctor?" Definition of not bad in the dictionary. Meaning of not bad.

Not bad or so-so. Both mean not terrible but not great. |@DaveW @Eliza_1990 No native speaker says "I'm fair." in response to "how are you?" |If you have a backache, you can say Not bad. (This means you are OK but not great.) I’m fair.

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I tried to defend myself saying that I meant she looked pretty but she wouldn't believe the expression "not bad at all" means pretty good. run Dmc Peter Piper Not a Bad Thing" impacted the mainstream radio in Italy on June 4.